About the Artist

Steve Tomashek lives and works full time as an artist in a tiny village in Thuringia, Germany where he pursues a curiosity about all things miniature and a passion for woodcarving that he’s had since he was a kid. The hundreds of meticulously carved and painted tiny animals in his Menagerie are just a small sample of the thousands of creatures to have sprung from his inexhaustible imagination in the last twenty years.  Steve exhibits his Menagerie at art fairs and galleries throughout the Middle West in the U.S. and in 2009 began to show in Europe, as well. His work has won numerous awards and has a loyal following of collectors all around the world through the Internet. He’s been staging the photos in his slide show in collaboration with photographer and writer Glenn Gordon since 1999, and his work is now coming to life even more vividly in the Movies he’s making, for which he is the producer, director, sound-effects guy, gaffer, grip, and chief animal wrangler.


Steve Tomashek’s Miniature Menagerie

w o o d c a r v i n g  &  p h o t o g r a p h y

For the Famously Rich: